Who We Are

We are a pair of best friends with a passion for games. Our friendship was forged during many late-night sessions of games.

Throughout the last 20 years, many things have happened in our lives: marriages, divorces, births, school, sports, life. But through it all, games have remained our shared passion and the core link of our friendship.

What better way to continue this awesome friendship than make games together?

The Vision

Simply put, we like games.

We like them so much, we want to make more games so that everyone can enjoy more of them.

However, we don’t believe that games can just be shoveled out the door half finished.
It takes a builder’s eye, an architect’s patience, and an artist’s touch to bring the balance of a game together.

Right now, we’re concentrating on learning.
Experimenting with tools, playing with different styles, and figuring out what we’re good at. As we grow, we’ll settle into a groove.
It’s looking like story will be a big part of our toolbox going forward, so expect to see some RPGs and story based single player shooters in the near future.

Everything here is collaborative.
No one person makes every decision, or even most decisions.
We get together and chat all the time.
Not just about what features to put in the next game, but about what’s out there now that’s fun.
Not only that, we try to analyze what makes it fun to see what we can use and, more importantly, what we would have done differently to make it better.

What is a Better Bug?
It’s the only kind of bug that isn’t bad.
It’s the bug that doesn’t exist.
It is the eternal pursuit of that perfect game.
The never ending quest to get it better and better until there is nothing left to improve.
A perpetual cycle of create, test, critique, improve.
Here at BBG, we won’t stop until we get there.