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A New Look

BBG has updated our website! This fresh new look really has a much better feel to who we are as a company and who we are as gamers. We would also like to shout out to Hannah Peakman for the redesign she really nailed what we were looking for.

We've simplified the layout and features in a effort to bring you a narrowed but deeper BBG experience. There will be some new things coming to the site in the near future as well as the post, musings, and reviews that we've had in the past. So stay tuned!

We also had a great time at GDC this year. After being thrown to the wolves in year one and battling sickness year two, we were ready and healthy and year three was a super productive trip. We saw lots of old (and new!) friends and we even won a Unity3d Pro License for Unity 5! We're looking forward to playing around with that in the coming months

That's it for the check in! Keep tuned for some exciting things happening soon, more blog posts, games, experiments, and more!

Password Security

Everyone has wonderful passwords, right? I'm sure you've got a different one for every website you go to, with some crazy combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols. Nothing in there is personal, like a pet's name or your mother's birthday, and it would be absolutely impossible to guess. Right?

Ok ok, you can stop laughing. But that is the current suggested standard by people who are supposed to know this stuff. And they are 100%, absolutely, gut-wrenchingly wrong about everything. In light of the recent major losses of consumer passwords, it's time we had some hard conversations about password security.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

A blast from the past with a new twist!

Let me start off by saying this is the best 3DS non port title I have ever played! If you own a 3DS this is a must have for your library! Now that I'm done gushing, let's review this title properly because as great as it is, it is not without its faults.

A Link Between Worlds (LBW) starts much like the Super Nintendo classic A Link to the Past (LTTP), one of the greatest console games to ever be released. LBW takes a whole lot of gameplay and inspiration from LTTP.  This can be a blessing for those looking to just blow through the game, but I found it kinda disappointing because there was no drive for me to dig into the story.

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