Our Games

Current Projects

Myrddin Tales: Episode One (Being illustrated by the wonderfully talented Catherine Birkelo)
Shallow Graves: A competive survival game mixing the versus style of Spy vs. Spy with the survival aspects of Don't Starve with a visual style similar to Loom and other early 90s adventure games.

Published Games

Stories by Better Bug Games

These are a series of experimental text adventure games

Regen: What would happen if you were being attacked by a bully and suddenly discovered you had supernatural powers? Find out here.
Fight Like a Pirate An MMO text-based pirate adventure game shortened to FLAP, you explore a tropical island filled with jungles, beasches, other pirates, and tons of adventure and loot!

Flash Games

Grow Me A Beard: A game where you need to grow the best beard possible before you get married and can never grow a beard again.
Ah! My Eyes!: A game about trying to save your eyes after you spill chemicals on them in a lab. Takes about 5 minutes to play through all 6 endings.
Beer Guzzler: A game about drinking more beer than the next guy
Zombicider: A game about shooting hordes of poorly drawn zombies


The Morning Routine This was a Global Game Jam 2015 entry with art done by Trevor Lee.

On Hold

Safety In Numbers (failed Kickstarter) This is a reverse tower defense game where the goal is to slow, but not stop, the flow into your city.