The People

Jason Q

@JasonQ_BBG – Founder, Coder, Designer

Bio: Grimm

Jason got his start making games during high school making games about shady subjects and wisely keeping his name out of the code, as the programs found their way onto most school computers and henceforth to the programming teacher, who was heard to remark “Whoever made this obviously doesn’t deserve to be a programmer.” The fact that nearly every student who came through that computer lab spent hours playing those games didn’t seem to faze her.

Since then, Jason has gone on to make games on numerous platforms, including Verge, NWN, LAMP, Flash, etc using many different languages. His VG accolades include time in a major WOW guild which led their server in end game content firsts, a stint as local Goldeneye champion, and ridiculous obsessions with his XBox Live Gamer Score and Kongregate Badge accumulations.

Currently, Jason works full-time as a programmer, part-time as an IT troubleshooter, part-time as a powder monkey, part-time as a wizard, part-time as a film editor, and part-time as a video game programmer and designer. Sometimes he has time for food and sleep, but generally only on the weekend.

Tony P

@TonyP_BBG – Designer, Marketing, Web Design, Director of Fun, Test Magnate

Bio: Petemansan

Tony has been playing games since he was 5 yrs old when he got the NES. It was the last present he got from his father before his passing shortly there after, and this created a great attachment to the game platform itself but also became a refuge where he could hide in wonderous worlds. He has always had a strong attachment to characters and story in a game because so much can be said with so little when dealing with a medium like video games.

Throughout high school Tony’s passion grew and his entire paychecks from menial jobs went to feeding his obsession with gaming. This fervent drive is what led Jason and Tony to become great friends as on a particular night Tony’s backpack stuffed to the brim with Nintendo 64 swag proved to be all they needed to forge an unbreakable bond.

Tony has grown up only in the business world and spent most of his professional career managing for different retail companies. Using his love of gaming and people to connect and coach all those around him. His is currently putting his coaching talents to use as a newly certified personal trainer and is hoping to use the new-found flexibility in his schedule to really put BBG on the map and grow it into a great company where people can work together and share their passion for gaming with the world!